OLD NEWS: 2008/2007
5 Dec 2008: HUGE UPDATE!

We have been really bad on updating this site the last months, sorry for that. And now we got a few things to let you know about, if you don't allready know.

Finland/russia tour
We have booked five dates in Finland and Russia in January, we'll do those shows together with the Finnish grindcore/crust band Büfo. This will be really cool, looking forward to it!
Check the dates at gigs!

New split ep
When we recorded the Industrilandskap Ep we also recorded three songs that didn't end up on that record.
These songs will be on a 7" ep split together with our friends Sand Creek Massacre from Holland. It will be released by Halvfabrikat, Headnoise and Ravachol and expect it to be out in somewhere between 2008/2009.

Germany dates
We have four dates in April booked in Germany together with Swedish End Of All. This will be really fun!

Summer Festivals
We are allready booked for three festivals this summer.
Be-part Festival 6 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Packebusch Festival, Germany
Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic.

There is a new Punk/Hardcore compilation out now called Sverigemangel and we have one song included on it.
It's a previously unreleased song called "Förvriden Ideologi". Actually its not a very new song, its from the same recording as the split "M:40/grace.will.fall" with Innanför Muren from 2006.
Its a lot of bands and unreleased tracks on it, totally 18 bands and 39 songs.
This record was supposed to be released a long time ago, but now it's here.
We have a few copies of it
for sale in our shop if you might be interested!

Hope to see you on the shows!

26 Aug 2008: TOUR PHOTOS!

We had a really great time on the tour in Sweden together with grace.will.fall and Exhale.
Thanks to the organizers and to all of you who showed up!

Sebben got home for work for a few days during the tour, so Peter from Exhale joined us on the shows in Stockholm and Linköping. Thanks a lot Peter!!!
Unfortunately the show in Örebro got cancelled, because of the organizer... nothing we could do about it, sorry!

If you want to read more about the tour and what was going on, check out our tour blog at:

A bunch of
photos from the tour are now uploaded, so check them out if you want!

Thanks a lot again, to everyone involved in this tour!

14 Aug 2008: TOUR!

Make sure to check us out on the Sweden tour!

10 Aug 2008: VINYLS!

Finally both vinyl has arrived. So its just for you to order!

Five new songs on this piece of transparent vinyl.
- (Halvfabrikat records)

Last years album is now finally available on vinyl. The cover/sleeve is made matte with glossy blood stains on it, looks really cool!
- (Halvfabrikat/Fight For Your Mind/Dogma Destoyer/Deviance/HoboRec/Headnoise)

To order, send a mail to: contact(A)m40.se
Or visit the

Make sure to check us out on the Sweden tour, starting this friday!
See you there!

15 Aug:
KARLSTAD (Sicket attans röjj)
16 Aug:
GÄVLE (Intakto)
17 Aug: ÖREBRO (Kulturhuset)
18 Aug: STOCKHOLM (Kafé 44)
19 Aug: tba
20 Aug: LINKÖPING (L'Orient)
21 Aug: GÖTEBORG (1200 kvadrat)
22 Aug: MALMÖ (Utkanten)
23 Aug: JÖNKÖPING (China)


Tomorrow we will have the releaseparty for the new 7" ep "Industrilandskap". Here's some info in swedish:

Fredag 1 augusti:
M:40 + We live in trenches (gbg)
Folkets Hus / Knock Out - LIDKÖPING
Öppnar 22.00 - Första band på scen ca 23.00
Inträde 50:-
Alla besökare får ett exemplar av epn "Industrilandskap"!

6 July 2008: NEW SONGS!

We have got the test presses for both "Industrilandskap" EP and "Historiens svarta vingslag" LP. Both sounds great so now they're on their way. The release date is set to Friday August 1st, and there will be a release show at Knock Out in LIdköping that day. So you better be there!

We have two new songs up here on the website, and on our myspace. Both songs are from the new 7" EP. Check them out!

Där helvetet alltid är nära.mp3

Är det någon som inte klarar att hålla sig till den 1:a Augusti och vill vara före alla andra så finns det en chans att lägga händerna på en av testpressarna till "Industrilandskap" EP på Tradera. Oh yes!
Ge ditt bud här!

20 May 2008: LIVE PHOTOS!

13 photos from the show we did in Skara this Friday can now be seen at PICS.

End Of All had some troubles, so the split 7" will now be a M:40 7". It's almost finnished and will soon be sent to the pressing plant. There will be some more news about that later.
The M:40 vinyl ep will be released in the summer.

We will also put up one or two new songs here really soon, so check back!

PATCHES and T-SHIRT's are now back in stock, so go ahead and make your orders!
We also got one new patch with the 'skull grenade', as the t-shirt but no logo.

18 February 2008: NEWS FOR 2008!

In March we'll enter HoboRec studio to record some new songs. They will be released on a split 7" with swedish End Of All by Halvfabrikat Records. We'll also do a mini tour in Sweden together with End Of All later this spring. Dates and more info about that soon.
If you want to set up a show for us in your town, just let us know!

We'll also do a
split 7" with Sand Creek Massacre from Netherlands, which we met on the tours we did last year.

Pissed Off Records from Malaysia, will together with two more labels release our album
"Historiens svarta vingslag" on cassette.

"Historiens svarta vingslag" is also on its way to be released on LP, we'll let you know more about that later.

We also updated with a few photos from the gig we did with Victims in Göteborg,
check them out!

30 December 2007: TOUR PHOTOS!

Finally! Over 40 PHOTOS from the European tour we did in October together with Splitter are now uploaded on the website, check them out!

We're planning our next recording, more info about that soon.. Happy new year!

6 November 2007: BACK AGAIN!

We're back from the European tour with Splitter. Really big thanks to Splitter for taking us with them on this tour, we had a really great time with you guys! Bhesta, så klart!
We'll try to gather some photos for the website as soon as possible.

It has now been possible to update the website with the
photos from the August tour, check them out while you're waiting for the new ones!

Next shows will be in
OSLO and LINKÖPING, see you there!

17 October 2007: TOUR AGAIN!

We're leaving for the European tour together with Splitter today! It's going to be great!

We're having some problems with the pictures, we'll update the website with photos from both tours when we come home!

We have new
PINS and STICKERS. We'll put them in the shop when we're home from the tour!

6 September 2007: GREAT TOUR!

Hey, we're back from our tour now. We had a really really great time in Germany, Czeck Republic, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark. We want to thank every one of you who helped us during this tour, set up shows, gave us food, beers and sleeping places. And thanks to everyone who supported us this tour by buying our merch.
Also thanks to the bands we played with, especially
Sand Creek Massacre; great party and thanks for all that Becherovka!

Now we're looking forward to the two week europe tour with
Splitter in October, see you there!

Some pictures from the tour will be up here in a few days. And if any one of you have live photos from the tour, just get in touch with us cause we want them, thanks alot!

19 August 2007: M:40 on P3 ROCK!

The swedish radio show P3 Rock will play the song 'Konfrontation' from our new album. The show starts 23.03 on Thursday 23th August.

Another show,
P3 Lab, also played one song from the album. They choosed the song 'Välfärd' and the show was played this thursday (16/8). You can still listen to it on their website.

Also, check out our tourdates to the right!
We'll be playing DENMARK, GERMANY, CZECH REPUBLIC, NETHERLANDS and BELGIUM, maybe we'll see you there!

13 July 2007: New album and new t-shirts!

The album can now be ordered from our shop, see more info to the right.
We also have a brand new t-shirt design. And because some of you has asked us about the sold out "Paralyserad av skräck.." t-shirt, we also have this for sale again! Go get everything now!

9 July 2007: Thanks!!

We had a really really great time at the release party this saturday! Thanks to all of you who showed up to support us, you're awesome!
Also big thanks to Insult who played instead of Exhale, that was really great!

Check out some cool photos from the realease gig! Thanks to stefan for the photos!

The new album is now released!
We will update the shop with the new album and some new shirts as soon as possible. Check back!

4 June 2007:

Everything is now finished for the new M:40 album "Historiens svarta vingslag". Halvfabrikat Records has sent it to the pressing plant, and the release date is still set to the 7th July!

Two songs from the new album is now up here for downloading;

"När Bomberna Faller"
"Sista Brevet Till Sverige".

More info about the album on
Music and on Halvfabrikat Records.

There will be a
Release Party in Lidköping on the 7th July, together with the grindcore act Exhale. This will be the first chance to get your hands on the new M:40 album, so you better be there! More info about the release party later on...

If you're writing for a magazine, webzine, fanzine etc. and want to make a review of the new record, just get in touch with
us or Halvfabrikat.

We're really looking forward to this!
Let us know what you think of the new songs! Thanks!

6 May 2007: M:40 August tour + Two week Europe tour with Splitter!

We've got some new gigs coming up in Germany.
We're probably going to do a small tour to Germany, Netherlands and Belgium in August. We'll put the gigs up on the web when they are set.
The album is in work with mixing and mastering at the moment. The realese date is set to 7th July.

One more thing. We are going to join the swedish grindcore band Splitter on their Europe tour for two weeks in October. We are really looking forward to this!
We'll let you know more about that soon. Check out
www.myspace.com/splittergrind for the tour plan and their new songs!

Fun gig in Göteborg this Friday, we had a great time. Some
PHOTOS are up here now, check them out!

17 April 2007: Album recorded!

Everything is now recorded for our upcoming album, it's the mixing and mastering left to be done! The artwork is also in the work.
The title of the new record will be "Historiens Svarta Vingslag". More info will follow...

We also have a few gigs coming up, more info about that soon!

5 April 2007: Entering the studio.

Tomorrow we'll be entering HoboRec studio to start the recording of our new album!
This will be fun, wish us luck!

19 March 2007: M:40 on the RADIO!

Our song "Masshysteri" will be played in the Swedish radio this Thursday (22/3).
The show is called P3 Lab, and you can hear it from 22.03-23.00 on P3!

27 February 2007: New member!

More great news!
We´ve got a new member. Johan F from
Exhale is now playing the bass with us. Great!

7 February 2007: New recording soon.

It's been a while since last update but now we have some great news for you!
We're going to the studio in April to record for our next album, which will be released by Halvfabrikat Records. We're really looking forward to it!
More info will follow.

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